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A Guide to Scarborough’s Top Golf Clubs for Summer 2023

Summer is here and as such the golfing season is upon us! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a new enthusiast, it’s always a good time when you’re surrounded by your friends and nature. Scarborough is home to  golf courses that offer the perfect backdrop for you to get your golf on this summer and […]

How Scarborough Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

Exploring Scarborough’s Town-And-Country Charm Over the last 30 years, Scarborough has become one of the most desirable areas of Toronto for many reasons. Scarborough is close to the city centre but has immense natural beauty – Scarborough Bluffs, anyone? Plus, it has suburban charm, access to shopping and restaurants, walkability, and plenty of transit options.

Refresh Your Home This Spring With These 5 Decor Trends

As the weather warms up and flowers bloom, it’s time to give your home a refresh, and what better way to do that than with some new decor? Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just a few simple updates, these trends will help you create a fresh, vibrant, and welcoming space. So let’s […]

How Has Scarborough Emerged as a Renowned Multicultural Spot

Scarborough, located in eastern Toronto, has emerged as a renowned multicultural spot over the years. The suburb is home to people from over 100 ethnic backgrounds, and its diversity in population has been one of the key factors contributing to its emergence as a vibrant multicultural spot. So let’s explore how Scarborough has become a […]

4 Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Scarborough During Transitional Weather

Scarborough is a beautiful city located on the shores of Lake Ontario, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike. If you’re eager to get outside after a long winter,the mild and refreshing climate of the spring months presents the ideal opportunity to explore the great outdoors and discover all that […]

Turn Your Condo Into a Smart Home Using These Tips

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. They offer a convenient and efficient way to control and automate various aspects of your living space, from lighting and temperature to security and entertainment. Turning your condo into a smart home has many benefits, including increased convenience, energy savings, improved security, and […]

What to Expect at Our Decor Centre

Buying a pre-construction condo is so exciting and comes with numerous benefits. Protective warranties, less up-front maintenance, and energy efficiency are just a few of the perks. But the best part? Getting to design and decorate your home exactly to your liking! At Gemterra, we invite you to stop by our Décor Centre to be […]

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