Home Decor Items That You Can Skip Splurging On

Home Decor Items That You Can Skip Splurging On

Home Decor Items That You Can Skip Splurging On


Decorating your home is a fun and exciting journey, much like the grown-up version of filling up your colouring books. In the quest to craft the perfect living space, it’s easy to believe that certain decor elements are must-haves, yet they often tip the scales of practicality and budget. Instead, by sorting out items that are a priority and bring value to your home and life, you can create a nurturing space. And this guide will help you with exactly that. We’ll discuss identifying the home decor items to prioritize, ensuring your decor journey is cost-effective and clutter-free.

Here are a few home decor items that are not always worth it:


While art can add a personal touch to any space, it’s not an absolute necessity for creating a stylish home. Think of it as an optional garnish – like chocolate chips on a chocolate cake – that enhances the look but is optional for the space to feel complete. Particularly in smaller spaces, an abundance of wall art can make the area feel cluttered rather than curated. It’s all about balance; a less is more approach can often make a stronger statement, allowing the architecture and existing decor to shine without competition. However, you can always buy it down the road. It also gives you the benefit of finding art pieces that fit right with your chosen aesthetic.

Light Fixtures

Lighting plays an important role in defining the ambiance of a room, but opting for extravagant light fixtures can lead to spending more than the decor value they add. Typically, while browsing for light fixtures the aim is either functionality, or a statement piece, or both. If all you’re looking for is ample lighting, simpler designs can achieve the desired warmth or contemporary feel at a fraction of the cost. This approach not only saves you money but also aligns with a minimalist aesthetic that can make your space feel larger and more open. Remember, the goal is to illuminate your space in style without overshadowing the rest of your decor.

Smart Home Gadgets

The trend towards fully automated homes has introduced a plethora of smart home gadgets to the market, each promising to add convenience to your daily life. However, many of these gadgets come with high price tags and offer more in terms of novelty than the actual, long-term utility. When decorating on a budget or working with limited space, carefully consider which technologies truly meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle, rather than cluttering your home with a range of devices. However, if incorporating smart technology is important to you, start small with lighting or perhaps a smart thermostat. Instead of buying devices all at once, you can space out your purchases. This also gives you time to assess what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Side Table

While side or end tables can add a functional element to living areas, they aren’t indispensable. If you’re working with a smaller space or a tight budget, consider prioritizing a larger coffee table or center table that offers ample surface area for your needs. This strategy maximizes functional space and avoids the potential clutter and expense of additional furniture pieces. The key is to focus on essential items that serve multiple purposes, streamlining your space for both aesthetics and functionality.


Rugs can be a significant expense in home decor, especially when eyeing larger area rugs for open spaces. For those decorating smaller areas or mindful of their budget, smaller, more affordable rugs can add colour and texture without breaking the bank. Exploring options from retailers like Wayfair, Ruggable, or IKEA can yield stylish, budget-friendly finds that complement your decor without compromising on quality.

Now that you’re equipped with all the basic rules, don’t forget to enjoy the process of decorating your home! And if you are looking for professional services, get in touch with our design team here.

Home Decor Items That You Can Skip Splurging On
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