Winter skating in Scarborough

Winter skating in Scarborough

Winter skating in Scarborough


Ice skating is a timeless winter sport for people of all ages to embrace the joy of the icy season. In Scarborough, this cherished activity finds its perfect playground, with ice-skating rinks, both indoors and outdoors that are free for the public to use. There are some breathtaking outdoor trails too! So whether you’re a novice or a pro, Scarborough offers plenty of options to skate the winter blues away.

Here are some of the best skating rinks in Scarborough:

Albert Campbell Skating Rink

Albert Campbell Skating Rink is located outdoors, fenced in with towering buildings and trees – offering you both nature and the city lights! Amidst the captivating Scarborough skyline and beautifully landscaped gardens, this rink provides an enchanting backdrop for skaters of all ages. Catering especially to families, the rink also offers equipment and training sessions for kids, making it an ideal spot for young skaters to learn and have fun.

Centennial Ice Rink

The ice rink at Centennial Recreation Centre is a community gem, offering a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy the thrill of skating. Situated within the Centre, which is open and free for all, the rink adds to a diverse range of activities available. With specialized coaching programs in ice and figure skating available for kids, it positions itself as an ideal place to learn and improve. Whether you’re taking your first tentative steps on the ice or perfecting your figure skating skills, the Centennial Recreation Centre’s ice rink is perfect for both!

Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park offers the best of both worlds with its unique combination of a full-sized, sheltered skating rink and a scenic skating trail. Nestled within a picturesque park setting, lined with towering trees and cozy benches, this spot is perfect for both leisure and competitive skating sessions. The availability of plastic skating aids makes it a great place for kids to safely learn and enjoy the ice. Beyond skating, the park boasts a tobogganing area on its east side, adding to the winter fun. And with inviting restaurants and cafes nearby, a visit to Greenwood Park can easily turn into a full day of winter enjoyment and relaxation for the whole family!

McCowan District Park

McCowan District Park is home to one of the city’s most popular outdoor skating trails, attracting visitors with its well-maintained ice and scenic surroundings. It has both a skating rink and a skating trail. The trail also offers skating aids for kids and has a heated chalet on the premises. However, keep in mind that the trail does not have any supporting bars or fencing, and can be crowded during peak hours so practice caution if you are a beginner.

McGregor Park Recreation Centre

McGregor Park Recreation Centre stands out with its two side-by-side ice skating rinks, providing ample and well-maintained space for all skating enthusiasts. This facility caters to comfort and convenience, featuring a spacious changing area that makes gearing up for the ice a breeze. What adds to the appeal is the presence of on-site supervisors, ready to assist and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We hope you have fun ice skating, and maybe even perfect your skills this season! Check out our upcoming community in Scarborough, here.

Winter skating in Scarborough
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