Top 4 Condo Decor Trends to Look Forward To In 2024

Top 4 Condo Decor Trends to Look Forward To In 2024

Top 4 Condo Decor Trends to Look Forward To In 2024


Condo decor trends usually evolve in response to the changing lifestyles, needs, and priorities of residents. As we look toward 2024, we expect trends to reflect a blend of convenience, sustainability, and personal expression, shaped by everyday activities and routines. In this article, we will delve into the predicted condo decor trends for the coming year, exploring how modern living, environmental considerations, and individual preferences are influencing the aesthetics of condo living spaces. From distinct furniture choices to eco-friendly materials and personalized accents, we’ll uncover the emerging trends that are set to define the look and feel of condos in 2024.

Here are our top 4 predicted condo decor trends for 2024:

Dramatic Colours

The upcoming year is set to see a shift in condo decor trends, with a move towards more dramatic and personalized colour choices. Moving away from the minimalist palette of past years, condo owners are now embracing bold and vibrant hues, bringing a new energy to their living spaces. Expect to see an increase in forest greens, deep reds, bright yellows, and rich shades of brown and orange, not just on walls but extending to ceilings, doorways, and window frames. This trend reflects a growing desire for individual expression in home decor, with condo owners seeking to infuse their spaces with colours that truly reflect their personality and style.

Curved Furniture

The trend of curved architecture, long admired for its elegance, is now making its way back into the realm of interior design, particularly in furniture choices. The upcoming year is likely to see an increased embrace of this style, with furnishings like rounded coffee tables, curved lounge chairs, and open-end modular sofas becoming more popular. Open-end modular sofas can often also be assembled as needed – one big couch or a couple of sofa chairs with a smaller couch. This allows you to transform your space into the one you need, no matter the occasion. Curved furniture adds depth and character to living spaces, enhancing the appeal by making it more intimate and inviting. 


Maximalism, a decor trend characterized by its vibrancy and expressiveness, is gaining momentum as we head into 2024. This trend celebrates personalization and the bold expression of individual style, moving away from the more restrained aesthetics of minimalism. Homes embracing maximalism are filled with decor items in popping colours, fruit-shaped vases, and colourful rugs adorned with abstract art, quotes, or motifs. This approach, often referred to as ‘Dopamine Decor,’ aims to create spaces that are not just visually striking but also evoke feelings of joy and energy. The rise of maximalism signifies a shift towards more eclectic, personalized interiors where more is more and self-expression is key.

Biophilic Decor

In 2024, the Biophilic decor style seems on track to gain prominence, reflecting a growing desire to integrate natural elements into living spaces. This trend goes beyond sustainable decor choices, bringing actual greenery into both private and common areas of condos. Biophilic design elements rely on the five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The focus is on including elements that soothe and calm the mind and body by catering to these senses. For example, including a water feature in a home exudes calmness and serenity. It also focuses on incorporating elements like water features, larger windows to maximize natural light, earthy tones, and even vertical gardens in building exteriors. This approach fosters a deeper connection with nature, creating tranquil, rejuvenating living environments.

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Top 4 Condo Decor Trends to Look Forward To In 2024
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