From Sips to Reads: A Tour of 5 Great Businesses Near Scarborough’s Cowdray Court

From Sips to Reads: A Tour of 5 Great Businesses Near Scarborough’s Cowdray Court

From Sips to Reads: A Tour of 5 Great Businesses Near Scarborough’s Cowdray Court


Cowdray Court in Scarborough is a charming neighbourhood brimming with hidden gems waiting to be explored. From cozy coffee shops to lip-smacking authentic cuisines, you can find an array of one-of-a-kind stores. Stores such as these enrich the community living experience and add to the quality of life. They provide locals and visitors with a chance to explore different cultures and stories that local businesses bring to the table.

Here are some of the places in Cowdray Court worth checking out:

Royaltea Coffee

A café that provides a calming ambiance and great coffee served by friendly people is basically the crown jewel of a neighbourhood. In Cowdray Court’s case, Royaltea Coffee fits the description perfectly. If you’ve been looking for a place to get some work done, its relaxing atmosphere with lush green plants and ambient lighting makes for the perfect backdrop. Or simply enjoy a cup of their pumpkin spice-infused coffee that pairs perfectly with their pastrami sandwich! You can also take their in-house roasted coffees and artisan loose-leaf teas home.

Congee Queen

Offering authentic Chinese cuisine in the city, Congee Queen is that local gem where you can enjoy a hearty meal. From their delectable pan-Asian dishes, the fried oyster with belacan sauce is a crowd favourite. While the food is undeniably fantastic, it’s their warm and friendly service that seals the deal. Whether you’re craving a comforting bowl of pumpkin hot pot congee or exploring the rich flavours of Asian cuisine, their generous portions ensure that both your stomach and heart are full! And if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth, the golden milk pudding is the perfect way to end your meal.

Elegantly Styled

Tucked away in a quaint corner, Elegantly Styled is a family-run boutique store that’s all about celebrating Canadian craftsmanship in women’s apparel. Every piece on their racks speaks volumes about elegance and style, tailored perfectly for the modern woman. You can find casual dresses, winter coats and capes, jumpsuits, kimonos and more for everyday wear. They recently introduced a sustainable line of apparel made with bamboo which has a variety of tops, bottoms, and even cardigans for the fall! This proudly Canadian-made boutique isn’t just about clothes, it’s about a statement of local pride and sophistication.

Remezzo Italian Bistro

Remezzo Italian Bistro is a cherished family-run establishment, that brings the authentic flavours of Italy right to your plate. Their extensive menu with Italian delicacies like arancini and the classic bruschetta is the perfect way to kick off your meal. Beyond the traditional Italian dishes like manicotti pasta, they even serve some delectable steaks and ribs. Great food paired with a cozy ambiance and friendly services makes it a perfect contender for your date night!

Unique Books Inc.

If you love to read, Unique Books is the place for you! This women-owned bookstore greets you with a diverse selection of books, ensuring there’s something for every avid reader. But it’s not just the shelves that make this place special. Every day from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. they host an ‘Afterschool Colouring Activity’ where kids can spend time colouring books with their peers. They also regularly host reading groups that provide a space for literary enthusiasts to share ideas and partake in discourses. Check out their website for upcoming events and schedules!

King George’s Arms

Offering the traditional Irish pub vibe, King George’s Arms in Scarborough is another gem worth checking out. This proud women-owned establishment serves top-notch local and imported Irish brews on tap paired perfectly with a classic pub menu. From homemade burgers to a wide variety of wings, a full English breakfast to chicken souvlaki, there’s a lot to choose from. Their crispy onion rings paired with a Smithwick’s are perfect to snack on while you catch a game!

We hope you have a thrilling experience while exploring these gems in Cowdray Court! One of our newest communities is coming to this charming neighbourhood, register here for exclusive updates.

From Sips to Reads: A Tour of 5 Great Businesses Near Scarborough’s Cowdray Court
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