A Guide to Scarborough’s Top Golf Clubs for Summer 2023

A Guide to Scarborough’s Top Golf Clubs for Summer 2023

A Guide to Scarborough’s Top Golf Clubs for Summer 2023

Scarborough's Top Golf Clubs

Summer is here and as such the golfing season is upon us! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a new enthusiast, it’s always a good time when you’re surrounded by your friends and nature. Scarborough is home to  golf courses that offer the perfect backdrop for you to get your golf on this summer and we’ve curated a list of our recommendations for you! 

Scarboro Golf & Country Club

The picturesque Scarboro Golf & Country Club is without a doubt a golfer’s paradise. With a fantastic 18-hole course, scenic landscapes, and thrilling challenges it’s suitable for players of all ages. Additionally, they offer tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a swanky clubhouse, all at a prime location by Bluffs making it absolutely worth it to get a membership here!

Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club

Winner of Club Of The Year in 2020 and certainly a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, breathtaking views, an 18-hole course, and a stunning clubhouse make Cedar Brae an enjoyable experience. In addition to tennis courts and a swimming pool, to keep things fun for visitors they host tournaments and championships. If you’re a newbie, you can grab all the gear you’ll need from their one-stop shop! They also have different types of memberships and golf academy programs, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Dentonia Golf Park Course

Surrounded by lush greenery, Dentonia Golf Park Course is one of the best public golf courses in Scarborough. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming which creates the perfect setting for first-timers. They also offer lessons for beginners, and kids, and have various groups and timings depending on skill level. You can even book up to five days in advance. Their tee time starts at 8 AM and they’re set to drop their tournament schedule for the season so keep checking their website and get your clubs ready!

Tam O’Shanter Golf Course

With its beautifully manicured fairways, and a challengingly designed 18-hole course, Tam O’Shanter is a public course that offers a delightful experience for all golfers. Not only do they offer lessons for beginners and experienced players, but they also have a Ladies League and host tournaments every summer. So if you’re up for a challenge, the first tee time is 6 AM and you can book your session here!

What is summer if not for making the most of it outdoors, breathing fresh air and having fun with your loved ones? We hope you have the most wonderful golfing season this year. Be sure to keep checking our blog for more!

A Guide to Scarborough’s Top Golf Clubs for Summer 2023
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