What to Expect at Our Decor Centre

What to Expect at Our Decor Centre

What to Expect at Our Decor Centre

What to Expect at Our Decor Centre

Buying a pre-construction condo is so exciting and comes with numerous benefits. Protective warranties, less up-front maintenance, and energy efficiency are just a few of the perks. But the best part? Getting to design and decorate your home exactly to your liking! At Gemterra, we invite you to stop by our Décor Centre to be inspired and taken care of by our talented designers so let’s review what to expect during your visit.

Package Review

Now is the time to view different styles and finishes! Our designers will schedule an initial one-on-one appointment to review the standard package selection. During this appointment, you’ll also get to see a variety of alternative finishes for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, hardware, tiles, backsplashes, and more. Our designers are here to help you bring your vision to life and can assist you with mixing and matching any of these alternative finishes. If there is a particular finish such as a specific hardware or tile shape/colour that you want, or a look you are trying to achieve that we don’t have, we will source it for you and provide pricing so you can build your dream condo.

Select Your Upgrades & Customize Your New Home

Once you have learned about the standard and alternative options, our designers will review the potential upgrades, customization, and pricing. They’ll discuss options like a bathtub or shower conversion, an optional kitchen island, and optional sliding doors for the den. Here’s where you can add these luxurious touches to your new home and determine your final budget.

Budget and Style 

By the end of the appointment, you should have a good idea about all the available options and prices. This is the time to get clear on your budget, the final look you desire for your home, and how each feature and finish will work with your lifestyle.

Ask Questions & What’s next

Our expert designers are here to help, so now is the ideal time to ask questions about the design process. Every homeowner has their own set of questions, so don’t be afraid to ask! Once your questions are answered and selections and upgrades have been made, colour charts confirming selection and upgrades will be provided for review. After signing off on the colour charts, everything is finalized! However, there may be a small window of time for revisions where you can speak with our designers again.

For more information, don’t hesitate to visit our website at gemterra.com.

What to Expect at Our Decor Centre
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