How Does the Scarborough Subway Extension (Scarborough RT) Benefit the community

How Does the Scarborough Subway Extension (Scarborough RT) Benefit the community

How Does the Scarborough Subway Extension (Scarborough RT) Benefit the community

Scarborough Subway Extension (Scarborough RT) Benefit the community

The Scarborough Subway Extension, a near 8 kilometer extension of the Bloor-Danforth (line 2) subway line, broke ground last year. The project will add three new stations in Scarborough, extending Line 2 from Kennedy Station all the way to Sheppard Avenue at McCowan Road. With an estimated daily ridership of 105,00 and a 10,000 tonne reduction in yearly greenhouse gas emissions, this new eco-friendly corridor will also connect to several other transit systems and bus routes. The community will see many amazing benefits thanks to the Scarborough Subway Extension, so read on to find out more! 

Provide Quick And Easy Access To And From The City

The Scarborough Subway Extension will provide seamless travel from Scarborough to the downtown core. This will help reduce travel times, reach more riders, and improve customer experience. The route will integrate up to 6 proposed connections to other transit options, including GO transit, Eglinton Crosstown, Sheppard Subway Extension, Durham Region Transit and TTC buses, making transit a breeze!

Increase Access to Jobs

The city of Toronto believes that over 38,000 people will live within 800 meters (about a ten-minute walk) of the new stations by 2041, creating an additional 34,000 jobs within the same reach! This easy access to jobs within walking distance of transit will be a major benefit to the community, local businesses, and the local economy.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Not only does The Scarborough Subway Extension provide benefits to the immediate community, but it also helps the environment as a whole. The extension is predicted to reduce the number of cars and buses on the road, resulting in 10,000 tonnes of yearly reductions in greenhouse gas emissions!

Improve Overall Quality Of Life

With this extension, the GTA will have a sustainable transportation system that aligns with land use and the Places to Grow Act of 2005 while supporting healthy and complete communities. The system will provide safe, convenient and reliable connections and promote a higher quality of life by connecting more people to employment opportunities, better housing, and greater resources and services (like doctors, malls, and grocery stores). The extension will also promote a prosperous and competitive economy, and a protected environment.

Create Investment Opportunities

The extension’s influence on population growth will offer many economic advantages, promote expansion, and advancement across numerous sectors including jobs, services, and overall infrastructure. This is why investing in pre-construction real-estate within 10 minutes of the extension before its completion is an excellent idea!

As we can see, there are many incredible benefits of investing in Scarborough real estate today. Some of which include: improving the lives of those commuting throughout the city, replacing outdated infrastructure, and creating more job opportunities. If you’re considering investing, visit to browse our developments in Scarborough!  

How Does the Scarborough Subway Extension (Scarborough RT) Benefit the community
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