How To Save On Essentials For Your First Condo

How To Save On Essentials For Your First Condo

How To Save On Essentials For Your First Condo

save on essentials for your  first condo

When you’re ready to furnish your first condo, the list of items you’ll need can be surprisingly long. Thankfully there are some great ways to find these needed items while sticking to a modest budget. To help you save some money, we’ve compiled a few tips so you can avoid paying retail, yet still find many of the key pieces you will need for your new place. Here are our top suggestions for how to save on essentials for your first condo.

Facebook Marketplace Or Kijiji

One of the best places to start when you’re on the hunt for specific items is Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. These are excellent sources of gently used goods that are reasonably priced and almost brand new. Search by location, category, or price for furniture, home goods, and decorative pieces that would work in your space. We recommend starting with a search of your local area for the most convenient finds. Be sure to check out the free stuff section too, as you may discover a useful treasure. 

Ask Your Network

Don’t be shy about reaching out to everyone in your circle so they know about your upcoming move. Let parents, family members, and friends know that you’re looking for items to furnish your first condo. Most would love to help out and will have at least one or two things that they are no longer using and would be happy to give away. You can save a lot of money with this approach and are likely to receive good quality pieces. Your network can also inquire of their own friends and family if anyone has furniture to donate, further expanding the reach of your request.

Scope Out Yard Sales And Thrift Shops

Head out early on Saturday mornings and check out the garage and yard sales in your area. You’re likely to find at least a few items you can use in your new place and they definitely won’t cost much. Neighbourhood thrift shops and furniture consignment stores are another good option where you can pick up solidly constructed pieces for a very low price. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore often has some great finds and an ever-changing selection. Use your DIY skills to make these items your own by adding a fresh coat of paint, switching out the hardware, or even reupholstering a seat cushion.

Swap Gifts For Essentials

For special occasions, ask for gift cards from your favourite department, furniture, or home decor store. Every Christmas and on your birthday, request gift cards instead of presents and before you know it you’ll have a significant amount of money saved up. This is such a meaningful gift to give, and friends and family will love knowing they are helping you get established in your first condo.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to look for some creative ways to save on the essentials you’ll need. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips. 

How To Save On Essentials For Your First Condo
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