Your Guide To Smart Spending On Your Condo Reno

Your Guide To Smart Spending On Your Condo Reno

Your Guide To Smart Spending On Your Condo Reno

Your Guide To Smart Spending On Your Condo Reno

Renovating your condo can be very worthwhile. You can substantially increase the value of your home with a high quality condo reno that has been done right. With the potential to garner a large financial return, it is absolutely worth it to embark on an overhaul. Whether you’ll be enjoying the update for a few years yourself or you have plans to list it soon, here is our guide to smart spending on your condo reno.

Splurge: Have A Showpiece In Your Kitchen

Including a bit of wow factor in your kitchen is a smart strategy. It’s already the space that many are drawn to first, and the details here tend to really stand out. We recommend including a showpiece in your kitchen, at least one element that really makes a statement. It could be a generously oversized island, a stunning stove, or beautiful faucets. Whichever element you choose to focus on, make sure it’s an attention-getting piece. 

Splurge: Put Stunning Fixtures In Your Bathrooms

Renovating your condo bathrooms is always a good investment, as these are spaces that get a lot of use and can show wear and tear quickly. Think about every element that goes into an elegant bathroom and remember to focus on the fixtures. Bathroom fixtures that look high-end add polish to the room and serve the same role that jewellery does for an outfit—they complete the look and pull everything together.

Splurge: Install Vinyl Over Laminate

Vinyl has come a long way and many homeowners are now opting to install it instead of using laminate flooring. The material is known for its durability—it can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or more— and the wide variety of looks that it can achieve. It can be made to look like tile or even marbled flooring, so it suits a range of decor styles. Vinyl plank flooring also makes a very convincing wood-look alternative, so it’s highly versatile.

Save: Ceramic Flooring

With ceramic flooring you can choose from a variety of patterns and finishes, so there are options that suit any decor style. This material is inexpensive too and won’t break your budget. You can customize every aspect of the look, including colour, shape, texture, even pattern and design. Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to clean, and work well anywhere in your condo—the kitchen, the bathroom, and beyond. Just be sure to use a good underlay beneath it when renovating, so that you reduce noise transfer.

Save: Find Less Expensive Pieces Of Furniture

Decorating with new art and furnishings is the last (some would say most exciting) stage of renovating. There’s no need to get carried away here though, when a bit of smart shopping can result in pieces you’ll love just as much yet cost a bit less. Find less expensive versions of the styles you admire so that you can furnish your new space without breaking the bank. Do a mix: re-use a few quality furnishings, buy some pieces new, and source others secondhand from online marketplaces. 

When you know from the start where you’ll be splurging and saving, it can help keep you on track financially and ensure you get the greatest value for your hard-earned dollars. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow along with the Gemterra blog for more great tips on renovating your condo.

Your Guide To Smart Spending On Your Condo Reno
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