How To Nail A Modern Take On Art Deco

How To Nail A Modern Take On Art Deco

How To Nail A Modern Take On Art Deco

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If you’re drawn to 1920s Art Deco design and admire the look, why not incorporate some of its signature elements into your home? It’s known for certain hallmark features, such as being rich, ornate, and jewel-like, and has endured in popularity throughout the years. You can use these in any combination you like or just borrow one or two to introduce into your existing decor. Here’s how to nail a modern take on Art Deco.

Bold Colour

If you’re a fan of rich hues, then Art Deco is definitely for you. Jewel tones are especially popular—rich garnet, deep plum, dark navy, forest green—they help set the tone and serve as the perfect backdrop for some of the furniture and metals the movement is known for. That said, Art Deco doesn’t have to be dark; it looks just as stunning done in lighter, brighter, and sunnier colours as well. The key here is to use and experiment with colour. If you really prefer neutral coloured walls, prepare to go all out with colour in your future and accessories so you can pull off the look. Traditional Art Deco was a lot of black and white, gold and silver, but to make the look new, colour is key.

Curvaceous Furniture

The lines of the furniture back in the 1920s were curved and fluid, the exact opposite of the straight lines that have dominated interiors for the past few decades. Choosing curved pieces can give your rooms a more relaxed and lighthearted feel, all while adding a dash of drama. Furniture was large-scale back then, so expect to find bigger pieces that really take up space and give a feeling of luxury and comfort. Couches and chairs often have tufting or nailhead trim; there are details to appreciate everywhere.

Rich Fabrics

Even the materials used in Art Deco furnishings are decadent. Plush velvets and silks—many of them patterned—are fun to play with and express your personality. Where we might have seen soft furnishings done in a more neutral palette in Art Deco’s early days, now that same feeling can be expressed through colour. Embrace it! The look is meant to evoke opulence; it is elegant, glamorous, and chic. You can add elements of this richness through your accessories as well, including drapes, pillows, and rugs.

Geometrical Design

Pattern is everywhere in Art Deco design, in the flooring, fabrics, tiles, even lighting accessories. The most popular motifs include geometrical shapes, but you’ll also see a lot of fans, chevron, zig zag, and Grecian key designs. Some are quite subtle, done tone-on-tone rather than in contrasting colours. Pattern definitely ruled over solids, and it still does in today’s more modern takes. 

Ornate Mirrors

The sunburst mirror which was so popular just a few years ago was nothing new for dedicated Art Deco fans, who recognize it as a staple of the era. Mirrors from this period are typically ornate and large in size. They can (but don’t have to) include arches, interesting cut-out shapes, geometric lines, medallions, gilded frames, and bevelled edges. Modern takes are more streamlined but just as stunning.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate Art Deco style into your home, yet keep the look modern overall. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

How To Nail A Modern Take On Art Deco
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