5 Best Condo Renos Before Selling

5 Best Condo Renos Before Selling

5 Best Condo Renos Before Selling

best condo renos before selling

When putting your condominium on the market, you want to ensure that you’ll get the best possible return on your investment. In order to list it at a good price and to receive an offer to purchase that matches, it pays to tackle a few basic renovations up front. These will help to modernize your suite, even if it is just a few years old, and to show it in its very best light. Here are the 5 best condo renos before selling.

Update Your Kitchen

A great kitchen captures buyers’ interest right away and signals that the rest of home is likely to be of top quality too. A well-designed space will have ample cabinetry for storage, as much counter space as possible, modern stainless-steel appliances, good lighting, durable flooring, and an efficient layout. If your kitchen is lacking any of these elements, consider renovating.

Spruce Up Your Bathrooms

Even bathrooms that are just a few years old can begin to look dated. Design trends change at a quick pace and you can update the look of your bathrooms quite easily. To start, you might want to install a new vanity in one of the latest styles or colours, or to replace your shower tiles to reflect a more sophisticated look. Upgrading bathroom fixtures such as your faucet and showerhead to more luxurious versions can also help your bathrooms stand out.

Repaint The Walls

Freshening up the paint throughout your home is a given for most homeowners before listing their condos for sale. You are creating a clean canvas that will help highlight your suite’s best features: the layout and flow of the space, the windows and the natural light, the views. Don’t forget to tackle all of the trim, baseboards, and doors as well; these are the finishing touches that are the signs of a well-done, professional painting job.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Buyers are looking for floors that are easy to clean and maintain, so pulling up any existing carpeting and installing durable flooring in its place is definitely worthwhile. Most prefer to have a continuous run of laminate or vinyl throughout all of the rooms in a suite, but you can also add some style by installing tiles in high-traffic areas, such as the entryway and bathrooms. If you already have tiled floors and simply want to give them a re-fresh, we recommend re-grouting and polishing them, so they look their absolute best.

Add Lighting

Be sure that your condo is well-lit throughout. If any areas could benefit from more illumination, increase the lighting either by installing pot lights, under-cabinet lighting, or task lighting. Building in layers of lighting rather than relying on one central ceiling fixture per room looks much more modern and also allows you to create different moods. This can inspire buyers to imagine how they’ll use specific rooms and spark decorating ideas of their own.

Think about what you would most like to see when shopping for a new condo and how you can help make your suite warm and welcoming. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home renovation advice.

5 Best Condo Renos Before Selling
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