The Best Greenspaces For Running Near Cowdray Court

The Best Greenspaces For Running Near Cowdray Court

The Best Greenspaces For Running Near Cowdray Court

scarborough greenspaces for runners

We’re all making the most of the good weather and being able to spend so much time outdoors once again. If you’re a runner, jogger, or like long-distance walks, there are several great spots in the local area that are definitely worth checking out. These greenspaces offer double benefits: they are safe and accessible places to exercise and you’ll get a healthy dose of nature too. To help you keep on top of your fitness goals, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best Scarborough trails for runners.

North Scarborough Green Loop Trail

The North Scarborough Green Loop Trail runs through the neighbourhoods of Agincourt and L’Amoreaux. It’s approximately 12 km long and is suitable for a number of activities, including running, walking, and biking. You’ll travel through lots of wide open, natural green spaces and pass through many wildflowers along a meandering paved trail. The loop is marked with official signs to help guide you through the mix of existing paths and low-traffic streets. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

The Highland Creek Loop

The Highland Creek Loop, while a bit of a distance from Cowdray Court, is a lovely almost 16-km trail that offers stunning lake views. The area near Morningside Park, the city’s largest municipal park by area, makes for a particularly nice run through natural surroundings. The trail is flat and mostly paved, and runs through a continuous forested corridor. You’ll pass through lots of scenic spots here, full of wilderness and wildlife, even some eroded cliffs.

Birkdale Ravine

Just southeast of Cowdray Court is Scarborough’s Birkdale Ravine. West Highland Creek runs through the area and the trail is often described as serene and tranquil. At the path’s end there is a marker announcing the site of a Wendat village that was excavated in 1956. There’s even a pocket of 45 cherry trees that were planted just five years ago (so they’re still on the small side); they were a gift of friendship from the people of Sagamihara, a suburb of Tokyo, in Japan. Birkdale Ravine is a great place to run as it often feels like a mini-escape from the city.

L’Amoreaux Sports Complex

L’Amoreaux Sports Complex hosts the local neighbourhood community recreation centre, a park, multiple tennis courts, and Kidstown Water Park. It’s a great spot for running as there is a lot of land and greenspace here, with more than enough room for multiple park-goers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also part of the larger North Scarborough Green Loop Trail, so while you can keep it local and get all of your exercise in right here, you can also branch out and follow the trails well beyond the complex itself.

These are just a sampling of the outdoor amenities that are available close to Cowdray Court; you’re sure to make many more discoveries on your own. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more tips on how to enjoy an active lifestyle in Scarborough.

The Best Greenspaces For Running Near Cowdray Court
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