5 Ways RENU Can Make Your Bathroom Better

5 Ways RENU Can Make Your Bathroom Better

5 Ways RENU Can Make Your Bathroom Better

ways renu can make your bathroom better

If you have a bathroom you’d like to refresh, you can modernize it in a variety of ways. You might want to replace most of the elements in your bathroom, or maybe all you need is a light cosmetic update. Here are five ways RENU can make your bathroom better.

Refresh With A New Coat Of Paint

Bathrooms are spaces that are used often and need to be kept in good repair. Because of this, they’re often the first to show signs of wear and tear, and moisture plays a critical role in your paint’s longevity. This is a great place to experiment a little; something as simple as a new coat of paint can give your bathroom a whole new look. If the room has always been light-coloured and neutral, why not choose a darker, more saturated hue to create some drama?

Install New Flooring

Flooring can quickly date a space so if yours is no longer looking current, this is a good candidate for an update. Larger tiles look more modern and create a seamless feeling, as there are fewer tiles laid overall and less grouting is visible. Simply switching out the tiles can make even the smallest space immediately feel more expansive.

Update Your Cabinetry

New cabinetry can help you make the most of the space you have available, no matter what the size of your bathroom. With the right configuration of shelves, drawers, and cabinets you can gain a lot more storage, which can help keep the room tidy and your supplies organized. Vanities can be custom-made according to your specifications or you can choose from existing options that are readily available to purchase. To complete the look, choose a natural stone countertop.

Build A Sleek And Modern Glass Shower

ways renu can make your bathroom better

A glass shower makes your bathroom look much more spacious as it keeps the sightlines clear and open. Many homeowners also find them easier to keep clean and maintain. If you decide to have the tiling in your shower redone, matching it to your flooring is in step with the latest design trends. Glass shower enclosures really showcase the tiles you choose, so be sure to pick something you love.

Upgrade To Energy-Efficient Fixtures

When it comes time to replace faucets and fixtures, find out about the latest offerings available. Huge strides have likely been made since the last time you bought fixtures, so take advantage of recent innovations. Energy-efficient options will keep costs down and reduce your impact on the environment. You can still find rainhead and handheld shower heads in energy-efficient models, so there’s no need to compromise on luxury.

These are just some of the ways renovating can improve your bathroom. Whether it’s a complete remodel or a simple update, with some creativity, you can freshen your space and make it your own. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

5 Ways RENU Can Make Your Bathroom Better
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