How To Grow A Vertical Garden On Your Balcony

How To Grow A Vertical Garden On Your Balcony

How To Grow A Vertical Garden On Your Balcony

grow a vertical garden on your balcony

With the weather warming up, we can indulge our love of gardening once again. Add some much-needed greenery and a splash of colour to your balcony by trying one of the most popular trends in gardening: the vertical garden. There are a variety of ways you can do this, and many of them are easy-to-assemble projects that are quite inexpensive. Here are just a few ideas for how to grow a vertical garden on your balcony.

Use A Wooden Pallet As A Planter

One of the most clever ways to create your own vertical garden is to use a wooden pallet as scaffolding. Because it is made of worn and weathered wood, it introduces a rustic element to your decor, which makes a great contrast against the vibrant greenery. Another bonus? Thanks to its sheer size you’re guaranteed an impressive display. Make sure to anchor it securely to a wall as once it’s filled it can be quite heavy; alternatively, you can opt to lean it and have it rest against the floor, just be sure not to make it top-heavy. Either fill with soil and plants yourself or attach pot-holding clips and individual potted plants. 

Try A Trellis

Trellises can be a pretty decorative element all on their own. Of course, you can buy a climbing plant (ideally one with big, bright blooms) and let it gradually grow up the height of the trellis, but you can also use it as a canvas and decorate at whim. Just as with a wooden pallet, you can use clips to hang an assortment of small pots off your trellis, and maybe even weave in some string lights, for a vignette that pleases day and night.

Install A Hanging Garden

Balcony gardens can be quite pared down and streamlined, by simply hanging a couple of planters on the wall. As with the other displays mentioned here, it looks like living artwork and barely takes up any space. Some prefer to install hooks on the ceiling and hang trailing plants from them; just make sure everything is securely attached and that your plants will be protected from the wind.

Put Up Shelves And Line With Pots

You can affix shelves to the wall and line them with plant pots, but you can also purchase a portable plant shelf, like this one above. Taller standing units are available too, so choose the height and configuration you like best and start arranging your plants. You can even use traditional rectangular planter boxes to fill the lower levels of shelving units like these easily; just make sure to measure first and choose vessels that will fit. 

Choose A Ladder Planter

Ladder planters are slim and don’t take up much space, yet the look they create is stunning. Depending on the assortment of plants you choose, you can change the formality of the whole display. Fill it with an assortment of colourful flowers and grasses, as above, for a rich, lush feel or keep it uniform and balanced by repeating a single plant material for a more modern installation.

There are lots of ways you can decorate and personalize your balcony through gardening, just be sure to make the most of this valuable space. Those who are blessed with a green thumb can grow their own flowers and grasses from seed, otherwise a quick visit to your local nursery should yield everything you might need. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great balcony decorating ideas.

How To Grow A Vertical Garden On Your Balcony
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