Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas To Create A Welcoming Space

guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas To Create A Welcoming Space

Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas To Create A Welcoming Space

guest bedroom

When putting together a bedroom for overnight guests, you want to ensure maximum comfort. You are designing a space meant for sleeping, but you also want to consider other ways the room will be used and enjoyed. If you’re wondering how best to design your guest bedroom decor, start with these helpful hints.

A Comfy Bed

Any guest bedroom should have a supremely comfortable bed, so make sure the mattress is newer and of good quality. Also pay attention to the pillows and linens that you use to dress the bed. Buy quality bedding that is soft, feels good to the touch, and is breathable. Layer with extra sheets and blankets, or have these ready in a nearby dresser or closet, so your guests can make themselves as comfy as possible.

A Small Fan Or Heater

We all have our own preferred room temperature when sleeping. To help customize the space for your guests, have a small fan or portable heater available for them to use. They will surely appreciate having the option of heating or cooling the guest room to their liking without disturbing their hosts’ comfort. When your guests have the ability to adjust the room temperature, everyone can get a good night’s rest.

A Separate Sitting Area

Your visitors will not spend all of their time in your guest bedroom sleeping. If you have enough space, try to carve out a separate sitting area or nook with a reading chair and some good lighting. It gives visitors a private space of their own to retreat to and a quiet place where they can gather their thoughts and recharge. It also helps make the room more functional as there is a separate area for reading, planning, working, and staying connected.

A Mini Coffee/Drinks Station

Providing a small coffee or drinks station for your guests is a thoughtful touch. You don’t need much room, as the corner of a dresser or a small, inexpensive accent table will do. Put out a single-serve coffeemaker, a small kettle, a couple of mugs, and a small tray with coffee, tea, and sugar for the ultimate in convenience and hospitality. To go the extra mile, leave some bottled water and a small basket of snacks. A mini fridge is another great idea. Inexpensive, miniaturized table-top versions are readily available; all you need is an outlet nearby.

A Charging Station For Tech

Whether it’s catching up on our favourite shows, relaxing with a movie, scrolling through social media or texting with friends, everyone needs a place to charge their tech, and the guest bedroom is no exception. Anticipate that your guests will have more than one device and make charging easy. You can buy an inexpensive docking station or if you’re crafty you can make your own; extra hosting points for those who have an extra charging cable or two lying around.

These tips can help turn any spare room into a very popular guest bedroom. Give them a try before you welcome your next overnight visitors! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas To Create A Welcoming Space
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