Month: September 2020

Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas To Create A Welcoming Space

When putting together a bedroom for overnight guests, you want to ensure maximum comfort. You are designing a space meant for sleeping, but you also want to consider other ways the room will be used and enjoyed. If you’re wondering how best to design your guest bedroom decor, start with these helpful hints.

Markham Hiking Trails Near Mill House To Enjoy This Fall

If you’re looking to get out and about for some exercise, we’ve got some great suggestions for your next long walk or hike. You can explore different areas in your local neighbourhood, take in some beautiful scenery, experience an endorphin boost, and challenge yourself with different trails and terrains. Here are some of our favourite […]

Features To Look For In A Multi-Generational Home

Multi-generational housing is a growing trend in the GTA and in many ways a return to the way families used to live. When different generations live together everyone benefits: seniors are better able to age in place, parents have some adult company and assistance with childcare, and children get to spend more time with and […]

Simple Tricks To A Sustainable Home

Small changes can reduce the impact of our day-to-day living on the environment. By making thoughtful choices when furnishing and decorating our homes, we can lessen our use of resources and help the planet. Often it takes just a little research or planning before you make a purchase to find the best, most eco-friendly option […]

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