Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your First New Construction Home

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your First New Construction Home

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your First New Construction Home

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Buying your first new construction home is an exciting process. You get to be part of a brand new community and have the chance to customize many of your home’s features to your liking. There are many choices you get to make, but there are also a few other details you should take into account. Here is our list of things you should consider before buying your first new construction home.

Does The Layout Provide Enough Space For Your Family?

When you’re reviewing floor plans pay special attention to the square footage and the layout of the home. You want a space that will work for you, both now and for years to come. It needs to accommodate all of your family members, allow for future growth, and offer ample room for all of the essentials in your life. Necessities will vary from family to family: it could be a main floor home office, a nursery, an in-law suite, a large open kitchen, outdoor entertaining space, or room for a back garden. Buying a home with enough room gives you maximum flexibility and the ability to tailor it to fit your needs.

Will There Be Other Phases In The Development?

If you’re considering buying your first new construction home, find out all that you can about the development as a whole. There may be multiple phases yet to come and if so, are you willing to live with ongoing construction? While it may not be an issue for you, it’s important to  understand what you can realistically expect in the near future. You might even want to do some research into the larger area beyond your development, just so you can be aware of any new or proposed residential projects in the works.

The Number Of Homes In The Area And Population Density

We also recommend that you try to get a sense of the population density in the area. How many homes are nearby and what new developments, if any, are being planned? It can be tempting to consider the immediate area and your builder’s plans alone, but you should also look into practical everyday matters such as how busy the roads are, local traffic patterns, anticipated commuting times, walkability score, etc.

Location Of The Development

You want to find the whole package: a home you’ll love plus an excellent location. Make sure the development’s site works for your family, that the commute to and from work is manageable, and that you’ll be close to schools, grocery stores, shopping, etc. Ideally you are just as excited about the surrounding neighbourhood as you are the house itself, as you’ll be spending a lot of time in the area, making connections, and building your new life there. 

There are so many factors to take into consideration when buying your first new construction home; we hope we’ve helped you prepare your list. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home buying tips.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your First New Construction Home
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