What Value Do Windows Add To Homes?

What Value Do Windows Add To Homes?

What Value Do Windows Add To Homes?


A home’s windows actually perform multiple functions. They are a long-lasting investment and it pays to buy quality. We’ve rounded up just a few of the ways great windows can enhance your living space. What value do windows add to homes? Read on to learn more.

They Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

what value do windows add to homes

Perhaps one of the greatest ways windows add value to homes is financially. Replacing old windows or choosing high quality when buying new boosts the value of your home, something every homeowner wants. You’ll often find window replacement listed as one of the top home improvement projects that are guaranteed to result in a rise in value. Some have even estimated that you can see at least a 70 percent return on investment with your windows.

They Can Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to maximize your savings is to invest in energy-efficiency and save on bills. When shopping for new windows, look for at least 3mm (¾”) thick glass. Double-paned windows come with two 3-mm pieces of glass (which provides sound insulation) separated by 13 mm of airspace (which ensures temperature insulation). In short, insulated windows produce ongoing energy savings over the life of your home and provide good sound insulation as an added bonus.

They Can Make Your Home Quieter

Good quality windows can reduce the noise level in your home. Look for glass with a sound transmission value of 31 or more; the higher the number, the more protected from outside noise your home will be. Of course you can also choose to upgrade beyond standard high quality windows to 1”-thick insulating glass that has an STC value of 34. 

They Can Add Comfort

Casement operating windows can really improve the comfort level of your home. They help regulate the temperature of your interiors and maximize airflow throughout the home. With well-placed, generously sized casement windows you can reduce your reliance on your home’s HVAC system and use it only during weather extremes when it is really needed. You can have fresh outdoor breezes circulating throughout your home and enjoy improved indoor air quality as a result.

They Offer Great Opportunities To Decorate

How you choose to dress your windows can really change the whole feeling of a room. Go with your own preferred design aesthetic, whether that’s clean, minimal and quiet or more patterned and graphic. If privacy isn’t a concern, many opt to leave the windows in their main floor living spaces bare. You can experiment with different window treatments to complement your interiors, using blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes.

They Make Rooms More Inviting

Nothing quite rivals natural light; it’s mood-lifting and helps regulate our sleep/wake cycles. Light-filled rooms are more inviting spaces to spend time in, no matter the season. Well-lit rooms are easier on the eyes and make tasks easier. This helps explain the trend towards lighter, sheerer window coverings as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with generous windows, modest privacy coverage for nighttime is all that’s needed. 

As you can see, windows add value to your home in several different ways; hopefully we’ve  inspired you to make the most of the ones you’ve got. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

What Value Do Windows Add To Homes?
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