How To Maximize Kitchen Storage By Using Wall Space

How To Maximize Kitchen Storage By Using Wall Space

How To Maximize Kitchen Storage By Using Wall Space

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No matter how much space you have in your kitchen, you always long for more. Usually this is because there are so many different items you want to be able to have close at hand. Thankfully there are a few creative solutions you can use, especially if you have any unused wall space. They are all great ways to maximize kitchen storage, so read on for inspiration.

Install A Peg Rail

If you’re someone who really likes to cook you might like having easy access to your spices and other pantry staples. You can accomplish this by installing a peg rail on any free wall space that you have, so whatever you need will be within reach. A peg rail maximizes kitchen storage, helps keep you organized, and provides a neat visual display of your supplies. No more rummaging through drawers to try to find what you need when you’re cooking! You can also use them to hang mugs, dish towels, or kitchen utensils.

Hang A Wall-Mounted Rack

Pots and pans take up a lot of space and most of us are working with limited availability to start with. Instead of sacrificing a couple of much-needed drawers, why not install a wall-mounted rack? They are handy for storing pots and pans out of the way, yet they’re really easy to access, literally within arm’s reach. This can also be a great design feature that adds an authentic chef’s kitchen feel to your space. Whether you’re a serious cook or not, it looks great, as elegant or casual as you like.

Stretch Cabinets All The Way To The Ceiling

One of the easiest ways to maximize the amount of kitchen storage you have is to ensure you have the most cabinetry possible. To do this, take full advantage of your vertical space and stretch your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. That area would go unused anyway, so why not make the most of it?

Add A Shelf Above Your Windows

In some kitchens there is enough room above your windows to run a shelf along the wall. While this may sound odd, it’s actually the perfect place to tuck away some of your prettier kitchen items. You can display plates, bowls, and art here, and create a stylish moment. This is a common feature in older, more traditional homes and it instantly adds character to your kitchen. It’s also a really inexpensive addition that offers some extra display space.

Put Up Some Shelves 

If you happen to have any unused wall space, consider adding shelves. Shelves in the kitchen help break up the traditional run of closed cabinetry and can help your space feel much more modern. If you have lower cabinets only, float open shelves above. Use them however you wish, as storage for more decorative items, for dishes you use everyday, or as a place to store all of your bar supplies. 

Try one of these ideas to add storage to your kitchen. There are lots of cost-effective solutions to choose from, so depending on your needs you can try one or more. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

How To Maximize Kitchen Storage By Using Wall Space
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