4 Beautiful Greenspaces Near Markham

4 Beautiful Greenspaces Near Markham

4 Beautiful Greenspaces Near Markham


The city of Markham offers residents several welcoming greenspaces where you can enjoy the outdoors. Most are located within a few minutes of each other, so you can pick just one to explore or visit a couple of different spots in a single afternoon. The options we’ve chosen here are unique, each with its own specific charms. Check out our suggestions for great hiking near Markham.

Toogood Pond, Unionville

Toogood Pond in Unionville is a picturesque, relaxing spot perfect for a hike or a stroll. A walk around the pond takes you over a dam, underneath canopies of trees, along a meandering path lined with benches, and through a reedy marsh and wetlands. It’s pretty everywhere you look, lush with native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and cascading pools. The park is 82 acres in size, draws casual walkers from far and wide, and is an excellent spot for hiking in Markham. Look closely and you’ll spot plenty of fish.

Berczy Park

Berczy Park is definitely a hidden gem, more of a neighbourhood park, but it’s such a well-designed, thoughtfully laid out, wide open space that it draws walkers from throughout Markham. You can walk the rectangular perimeter of the park in about 40 minutes, but you don’t want to miss the winding, interior trails that are the biggest draw. A sprawling pond surrounded by reed grasses is home to lots of wildlife, including Canada geese, turtles, and fish. There are also tennis courts, a baseball diamond, soccer pitches, two playgrounds, and a scenic bridge over the pond. This is a great spot to visit year-round as the views are always changing.

Milne Dam Conservation Park

Milne Dam Conservation Park is one of the best spots for hiking near Markham. The area is huge, at 305 acres. The Rouge River runs right through the middle of it and it is surrounded by thick forest to the east and south. The park includes 2.3 km of trails where you can walk, hike, jog, and ride your bike. Birdwatchers will love being able to spot many migratory birds and if you like to fish, remember to bring your gear.

Bob Hunter Memorial Park

Bob Hunter Memorial Park is a fantastic addition to the city of Markham. There is a two-mile-long loop that features a river and is popular with walkers, hikers, and trail runners. There is also a 2.7-mile out-and-back trail that is good for all skill levels. The park celebrates Canadian hero Bob Hunter, an author, journalist, and environmental champion who dedicated his life to protecting nature. 

There are lots of terrific greenspaces to choose from in Markham and each one deserves to be explored. Visit them all and discover your favourite! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great information about outdoor amenities in Markham.

4 Beautiful Greenspaces Near Markham
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