Scarborough Bakeries That Deliver Near Cowdray Court

Scarborough Bakeries That Deliver Near Cowdray Court

Scarborough Bakeries That Deliver Near Cowdray Court


Sometimes we feel like a treat, whether it’s for no reason at all or to celebrate a special day. It’s nice to know there’s no shortage of great bakeries nearby, and the ones we’ve listed here deliver! These Scarborough bakeries are all in the local neighbourhood, have their own unique specialties, and represent a range of different cultures. Explore the possibilities and discover your new favourite.

Red House Bakery

Red House Bakery is a hidden gem that is well known for their cupcakes, but they also sell a huge assortment of other goodies you can enjoy. Cakes by the slice, butter cookies sold by weight, egg tarts, sweet and savoury stuffed pastries and buns, fresh baked bread and rolls—there’s something for every meal of the day and every member of your household. You can even order a full celebration-sized cake: the truffle cake, mango cake, and tiramisu all look tempting. Place your order from Uber Eats.

Norman Sue Bakery

Every Caribbean household knows Norman Sue Bakery. Their baked goods are so tasty and the owners so beloved that this spot has been popular for decades. This wholesale Scarborough bakery’s sweet offerings include pineapple tarts, currants rolls, red coconut cake, coconut buns, cheese pastries, and Chinese cakes. Savoury goodies include roti, coco bread, plat bread and tennis rolls; you can even buy pepper sauce and chow mein. In the mood for snacks? They carry plantain chips, whole and split channa, mithai, and tamarind balls. Order an assortment to sample from Uber Eats.

Sugar Peony Cake Boutique

Scarborough bakery Sugar Peony Cake Boutique is busy making fancy sweet treats that are available for delivery to your home. While they typically specialize in beautifully intricate cakes, right now their focus is on macarons. Their version of the  French sweet comes decorated as adorable characters like bears or unicorns, which are sure to bring a smile to your face. Who could resist orange blossom or ube coconut? Their Instagram is basically a jolt of instant happiness: so many bright colours and inventive creations. Place your order through Skip The Dishes.

Crown Pastries

Fans of Middle Eastern pastries can’t afford to miss this popular Scarborough bakery. Crown Pastries is your go-to neighbourhood spot for an assortment of Ramadan treats, baklava, pastries with fresh cream and cheese, and mammouls. If you’ve got a real sweet tooth you can buy baklava by the kilo. They even carry different flavours of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. We recommend ordering a variety from each category of sweets; taste your way through the menu! For inspiration, check out their Instagram. When you’re ready to place your order, Skip The Dishes delivers.

Add a bit of sweetness to your day and treat yourself to a professionally made baked good. There’s such a variety to choose from nearby that you’re sure to make some exciting culinary discoveries. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more delicious food finds in the neighbourhood.

Scarborough Bakeries That Deliver Near Cowdray Court
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