4 Home Organization Projects You Can Start Today

4 Home Organization Projects You Can Start Today

4 Home Organization Projects You Can Start Today


It’s that time of year when we all want to get our homes in order. The focus isn’t just about cleaning either; home organization projects are on the top of everyone’s lists. Once you have a good system in place, it’s easier to keep things neat and tidy year-round. Here are our suggestions for some simple home organization projects you can tackle when you have a few free moments.

Clean Out Your Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchens can be deceiving; they can look neat and orderly from the outside, but when you open individual cupboards and drawers they’re often a complete mess. Why not start here, the heart of the home, and do some proper organizing? We recommend doing one spot at a time, completing one drawer or shelf before moving on to the next. Group similar items together and keep the things you use most often within easy reach. Using baskets, storage bins, and lazy susans can help. Be sure to start a donation pile as well, so you can give away any items you’re no longer using—extra dishware, utensils, or gadgets— to a local charity.

Streamline The Kids’ Rooms

Kids are known for being messy and their rooms can get out of control in no time. Help them put some systems in place to try to contain their belongings. We’re a big fan of creating zones within kids’ bedrooms. Stuffies, books, and toys should each have their own distinct area in the room, where they are grouped together. Tackle this home organization project with your child and explain what you’re doing so they can understand your reasoning. It’s a great life lesson to pass down and it won’t feel like punishment if you are doing it together. When life gets busy, there is less chance something will go missing if every item has its own home.

Declutter Your Master Bathroom

It’s easy to overlook the master bedroom because we’re usually in a rush to get in and out quickly. But take a close look and see if it is functioning for you as well as it can. Is the space well organized? Is it relaxing and spa-like? If not, a few simple changes can have a big impact. Start by decluttering your countertops; leave only the essentials out and group them together so they don’t take up a lot of visual space. Take a good look at your towels and if they look worn, switch them out for ones in better condition—worn towels make great cleaning supplies. Cleanliness definitely matters in this space, so quickly wipe down mirrors, faucets, and surfaces to add polish.

Organize Your Seasonal Decor

The holiday decor we display throughout the year is often what makes the difference between a house and a home. But the reality is that we only use these items briefly, often just a few weeks at a time. The rest of the year they need a place to live. Make sure you have a proper storage system in place so that pulling out (and putting away) these seasonal items is easy and enjoyable. If you come across items you no longer need or love, set them aside for donation. Seasonal home decor is something we don’t give too much thought to, but this home organization project will pay off year-round. 

We hope you are inspired to get started. Any space you can improve in your home will help you feel more organized and will likely motivate you to do more. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home organization tips.

4 Home Organization Projects You Can Start Today
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