Kitchen Cabinet Styles We Love

Kitchen Cabinet Styles We Love

Kitchen Cabinet Styles We Love


The style of cabinetry you choose can change the whole feel of your kitchen. You can brighten the space and add personality with painted cabinets. You might choose a soothing neutral palette with warm, natural wood. Or you can take a sleek, minimalist approach with streamlined cabinetry. We’ve rounded up a few of the kitchen cabinet styles we’re loving most right now.

Walnut Cabinetry

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern, chances are you’re also drawn to the rich warmth of walnut. While it’s common to see furniture pieces made of this material, now you can have it in the form of kitchen cabinets too. The wood pairs beautifully with cool neutrals, such as whites and grays, and makes for a nice update to the all-white kitchen. It also helps create an environment that feels comfortable year-round: it never feels too warm or too cool, whatever the season.

A Mix Of Open And Closed Storage

Kitchen cabinet styles have evolved and are opening up a little bit. Where once you might have had an entire room full of closed cabinetry, a more modern look is to incorporate at least a little bit of open shelving. This creates some visual space and helps lighten the overall look. It’s also an opportunity to style your possessions. You can display dishware, glasses, bowls, accessories, or staples and spices, as pictured above.

Hands-Free Cabinets

Many like a modern and minimalist look and this can be achieved in the kitchen using streamlined cabinetry. Fuss-free, with few adornments, the look is pared down and high-style. Hands-free cabinets are one of the latest innovations; they look great and are easy to clean. Options include hidden handles, touch-release styles, and invisible hardware.

Convenient Kitchen Pantries

A kitchen pantry does not have to be a whole room of its own, separate from the kitchen. You can use cabinets to create your own stand-alone cupboard right in the middle of a regular space. The kitchen pantry is the perfect place to store all of your dry and preserved goods. It helps keep cooks organized and countertops clutter-free. In a reversal of the open shelving trend discussed above, if you have pre-existing shelves that you want to close in, simply add doors to create your own handy kitchen pantry.

Concealed Range Hoods

One of the latest changes we love is that range hoods are going undercover. They’re being hidden, usually with cabinetry but sometimes with a contrasting material. For years massive range hoods were the focus, while now they blend in seamlessly. The update creates an uninterrupted line and makes for a really clean profile. It’s a small but impactful change.

These are just a few of the possible updates coming to our kitchens. If any of these kitchen cabinetry styles appeal to you, why not incorporate them? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles We Love
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