DIY Decorating Projects For Your First Home

DIY Decorating Projects For Your First Home

DIY Decorating Projects For Your First Home

DIY decorating

People who are crafty, or who just like to be busy with a project, are often drawn to DIY decorating. It saves money, is creatively satisfying, and the results can be impressive. First-time home buyers in particular may be looking to keep expenses down, but they still want their spaces to look great. We assembled a few beginner-friendly decorating ideas that can help.

Create Your Own Headboard

Why pay to buy a headboard when you can create your own? A rustic hardwood headboard adds texture and warmth to the bedroom. It contrasts nicely against soft bedding and also brings a little of the outdoors in. If you can get your hands on some reclaimed wood this DIY decorating project costs very little indeed.

Transform An Everyday Planter

Take a plain, store-bought planter and make it a showpiece. Start with a strong metal bucket, found at your local hardware store. Punch a few holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. Cover the bucket in thin-set mortar, then apply river rock mesh tile. The result of this DIY decorating project is a planter that’s as beautiful as the flowers it holds. It has texture and colour, and gives off a coastal vibe. You could also use this as an indoor accent, and store items such as bathroom towels inside.

Build Your Own Coffee Table

Did you know that you can swap out the legs on any tabletop surface you may have and change the style entirely? If you happen to have an Ikea table top, for example, you can add a set of four tapered legs and build your own expensive-looking mid-century modern coffee table. This DIY decorating project can save you a ton, as tables like these can cost a lot when bought new.

Make An Inexpensive Bench

If you’d like to have a bench anywhere in your home, this is a relatively easy DIY decorating project you could tackle yourself. Benches are especially convenient in entranceways, hallways, and at the bottom of the bed. They can even function as extra seating in a pinch. All you need is a piece of wood, some hairpin legs, and a lovely blanket or throw to place on top. For added softness, you can upholster the bench.

Paint An Existing Rug

If you happen to have a plain, solid rug, you can transform it into something bold and graphic. Use paint to add colour and pattern, and give it a whole brand new style. Try a zigzag, chevron, or other geometric pattern using stencils cut out from cardboard. You might also try using sponges to create something free-flowing and completely unique. This DIY decorating project costs little but really makes a statement.

First-home buyers deserve to have stylish interiors too. We hope these projects inspire you to personalize your decor. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home decor tips.

DIY Decorating Projects For Your First Home
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