4 Ways To Enjoy The Rouge River Valley This Spring

4 Ways To Enjoy The Rouge River Valley This Spring

4 Ways To Enjoy The Rouge River Valley This Spring


If you’re ready for some fresh air, why not explore the Rouge River Valley? It offers something for everyone. The Rouge National Urban Park is located mostly in Scarborough but sections extend to the bordering cities of Markham and Pickering. This means you can access the park from multiple points and enjoy many different adventures.

Take A Hike

Nature walks can be both restorative and energizing. Heading out for some fresh air can help clear your mind and encourage a positive outlook. Many find great comfort being surrounded by nature, especially in such a peaceful environment. Witness the changing of the seasons up close in the Rouge River Valley. You can spot wildlife, challenge yourself with fitness goals, or simply enjoy a quiet walk in nature.

Ride Your Bike

What better way to explore the Rouge River Valley than by bike? Escape from the city as you ride past farmland, meadows, wetlands, and forests, with few traffic lights to slow you down. You’ll experience a wide variety of terrains from quiet country roads to busy multi-use pathways. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and you’ll benefit from some time spent outdoors.

Take Photographs

Spring is the perfect time to capture the change of seasons with your camera or phone. The Rouge River Valley setting is ideal for this. You’ll find many opportunities to photograph wildlife, flowers, plants, and scenic views, like the one above. Conservationists remind everyone to stay on the marked trails, to respect the vegetation, and to always keep a safe distance from any wildlife. Sunrises and sunsets can make for particularly memorable moments.

Watch The Birds

If you’re a bird watcher, the Rouge River Valley is calling. All year round you can spot birds in this sprawling urban park. All you need are a pair of binoculars and a good bird guide—these days you can even use an app. The Rouge National Urban Park contains so many different habitats that 225 bird species have been observed there. Keep an eye open along shorelines and in wetlands, meadows, farmland, and forests; you never know what you’ll find.

This is just a sampling of the ways that you can enjoy the Rouge River Valley this spring. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great active living tips.

4 Ways To Enjoy The Rouge River Valley This Spring
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