Month: March 2020

4 Ways To Enjoy The Rouge River Valley This Spring

If you’re ready for some fresh air, why not explore the Rouge River Valley? It offers something for everyone. The Rouge National Urban Park is located mostly in Scarborough but sections extend to the bordering cities of Markham and Pickering. This means you can access the park from multiple points and enjoy many different adventures.

Kitchen Countertop Trends You Need To Know

If you’re updating a kitchen or choosing finishes for a new one, there are lots of exciting countertop options available. Gone are the days when the all-white kitchen with carrara marble was the only stylish look to have; now there is a range of colours, materials, finishes, and looks to choose from. Make the space […]

Condo Lighting Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Many of us overlook the power of lighting. Great lighting can pull focus and draw attention to a design element we’d like to highlight. It can help make a workspace more efficient. It can even alter our mood by creating a specific atmosphere. No wonder condo lighting upgrades are so popular; we all want to […]

Tips To Save For A Downpayment

If you want to save up a sum of money but are not sure where to start, we’ve got a plan that can help. Saving for a downpayment takes both discipline and creativity. Once you have a plan in place and put it into action, you’ll be able to see your money grow—a very satisfying […]

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