5 Reasons To Renovate Your Condo In 2020

5 Reasons To Renovate Your Condo In 2020

5 Reasons To Renovate Your Condo In 2020

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Is it time to update your living space? If you live in a condo and have been thinking about renovating, now is the time to think about which improvements you’d most like to make this year, and why. Get your ideas down and start planning your very own renovation roadmap.

Increase Value For Resale

If you’re thinking about putting your condo on the market within the next few years, you’ll want to be sure your unit can command as high a price as possible. Kitchens and bathrooms always see impressive returns, and the sooner you renovate your condo the more personal use and enjoyment you can get out of these spaces! Whichever details are on your wishlist, whether it’s a big kitchen island with a built-in sink, double wall oven, or modern, streamlined cabinetry, these improvements are also sure to attract the interest of future buyers.

Improve The Functionality Of Your Space

After living in a space for a while, you become an expert at what it needs. In some cases, only minor modifications may be required to really improve a room. Maybe you need more cabinet storage in a bathroom, separate his and hers sinks, or better lighting. You can also change the whole feel of a room, for example, by introducing a hotel chic vibe through the furnishings you choose.

Better Reflect Your Current Lifestyle

If you’ve been living in your space for a while your lifestyle needs may have changed. You may want to create a nursery for a new baby or build a home office that looks professional enough to welcome clients into. You might want to open up more living space for entertaining, put in a high end chef’s kitchen, or create a guest bedroom. You might even renovate your condo simply to match new style goals; if your young family is growing up, for example, maybe now is the time for a more sophisticated space.

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Materials

Not only do decorating styles change in just a few years, so do the materials used. When you renovate your condo it’s the perfect chance to incorporate the latest eco-friendly products. Your green remodel can make the most of sustainable materials such as marmoleum,  environmentally-friendly flooring that is made of 97% raw materials (and 40% recycled content). You can also choose products with low-VOC emissions, such as flooring and paint. Salvaged wood is another great choice, as are tiles and countertops made from renewable, reclaimed, or recycled materials.

Time For A Fresh Start

Maybe you want to renovate your condo in 2020 simply because it’s time for a new look. Sometimes a colour palette refresh and a few of the latest trendy finishes are all that is required to modernize your space and make it feel more current. Maximize the natural light your condo receives, keep sightlines open, and create distinct, welcoming areas for lounging and dining, and your space will feel brand new.
Best of luck with your condo renovations in 2020! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra Developments blog for more great condo renovation ideas.

5 Reasons To Renovate Your Condo In 2020
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