How Gemterra Contributes To The Community By Honouring Markham’s History

How Gemterra Contributes To The Community By Honouring Markham’s History

How Gemterra Contributes To The Community By Honouring Markham’s History


The City of Markham is known for its commitment to preserving its past, their approach expressed in the motto, “Leading while remembering”. Gemterra Developments shares this belief in honouring the city’s built heritage and our new development in Buttonville is a testament to this. Read on to learn more about the history behind our unique new project, Mill House Exclusive Townhomes.

Learning The History Of Buttonville

Buttonville is one of Markham’s oldest communities, with a history that dates back to 1804. William Willcocks, postmaster of the Town of York and a magistrate, purchased 100 acres on the west side of Woodbine Avenue. He established a sawmill there and the area came to be known as Millbrook, but elsewhere in the province a post office already bore that same name. They decided to switch it to Buttonville, in honour of Major John Button; he had owned the land to the east of Woodbine Avenue and was instrumental in developing the layout of the area, which remains to this day. 

Understanding Buttonville’s Special Architecture

Buttonville is one of four heritage conservation districts within the larger city of Markham and it is home to a number of architecturally and historically significant buildings. Many of its heritage properties have been lovingly restored, with some converted to new uses. Heritage conservation districts set themselves apart in several ways: they enjoy public signage that celebrates the history of the area, and their streetscapes boast unique features such as special lighting, street furniture, and sidewalk improvements. 

Restoring Historic Mill House

Today the historic hamlet of Buttonville is a distinct community. Gemterra’s restoration of the historic Mill House adds to the character of the district. Our new development, Mill House Exclusive Townhomes, aims to be integrated into the historic neighbourhood. 

Appreciating Buttonville’s Special Features

Buttonville has a unique charm and local residents value its special character. Many cite as favourites the heritage homes, the old hamlet, the village-like scale, the back streets, and the natural areas—in particular, the green space, crescents, trees, and valleylands. In places it has a very pastoral feel yet it offers every modern amenity you could possibly ask for!

Highlighting What The Greater City Of Markham Has To Offer

Markham is known as Canada’s most diverse city and has a population of over 350,000. In 2019 the city celebrated its historic 225th anniversary! It truly has something for everyone: tech and life sciences companies, corporate head offices, hotels, shopping, restaurants, places of worship, great schools, excellent transit, and a robust social, cultural, and philanthropic scene. The city also enjoys a strong local economy and offers a charming mix of history and forward-thinking development.  
Heritage buildings are what lend an area its history and character; that they continue to be used and enjoyed by the generations that follow is exactly as it should be! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra Developments blog for more great information about the communities we’re helping to build.

How Gemterra Contributes To The Community By Honouring Markham’s History
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